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Tigers are in the brink of extinction!!

Tigers are killed by professional poachers, local hunters, trappers, pirates, and villagers.

Each group of people has different motives for killing tigers, ranging from profit, excitement to safety concerns.

It is unbelievable, but this majestical animal can be extinct if we won't help them.

Here you can see the numbers of wild tigers estimated today: 

Bangladesh: 106
Buhtan: 103
Cambodia: 0
China: >7
India: 2,226
Indonesia: 371
Laos: 2
Malaysia: 250
Myanmar: No data
Nepal: 198
Russia: 580
Thailand: 189
Vietnam: < 5

Total:  4037


Therefore Tiger's World will DONATE to "Pantera"

the global wild cat conservation organization,

from every purchase you'll make, 

so we can make a difference in our fight to save this graceful animal.

Link to the organization: https://www.panthera.org/ 

Together we can make a difference, together we can save lives!!!