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Tiger's Facts

December 17, 2017

Tiger's Facts

  • Fossil remains seem to indicate that tigers have been on the earth for approximately two million years. 
  • Three subspecies of tiger are already extinct. These are the Caspian, Balinese and Javan tigers.
  • The Siberian Tiger is the largest of all the subspecies. 
  • The tiger's stripes are unique to each animal the same way that our fingerprint identifies us. 
  • The word “tiger” means ‘arrow in the original Persian language.
  • Less than half of the cubs live beyond the age of two years. 
  • .White Tigers are actually a genetic mutation and not a subspecies. All White Tigers are of the Bengal subspecies.
  • Tigers are excellent swimmers. 
  • .Tigers have an exceptional vision in the dark. They can see about six times better than human beings.
  • An adult male eats about 150 kilograms of meat every month.
  • A tiger can cover about 10 meters in one leap.
  • Its energy levels are best suited to short bursts of activity, and cannot be maintained over long distances.
  • A tiger eats once every four to five days, for every 20 attempts at killing an animal, a tiger is only successful once. For this reason, it must try to eat as often and as much as possible.
  • Animal Planet has conducted a poll and found out tigers are one of the most favorite animals. 

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