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Spirit Animal

February 25, 2019

Spirit Animal

When we enter this world we are innocent. This innocence is actually our basic selves, we act like animals – we follow our instinct when we are hungry, when we feel unsafe and when we are content. It is only later in life, as we grow & begin socializing with others that we suppress our basic instincts & intuition. Modern society expectations frequently push us away from our true self/ instincts/ intuition (these never really disappear, they are suppressed). In many cases, our actions are according to "what would people say", "what is expected of me" instead of "what do I want/ feel".
Throughout History, humankind has presented itself as superior to any other living species – believing progress & prosperity is the answer to a good life. Thankfully lately, there are many who believe we should go back to "simple", to our core. That's where the answers are. 
When connecting to our spirit animal we let ourselves go back to the deep basic attributes that are still in us. By emulating & being one with the animal spirit qualities, we heal ourselves with the power of the mind & the spirit in ways modern medicine has not yet revealed. 
Amazingly, my own experience got me to believe in the power of spirit animal. By interpreting a certain animal spirit qualities (like the courage of the wolf, the ability to accept the change of the snake, or being really able to connect to my intuition as an owl) I found peace within me & bettered my life. I found the power of healing in me, just by adopting the attributes of my spirit animal and by connecting to it; I'm actually connecting to…me. 
What is your experience with connecting to a spirit animal?

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